My Writing

Where you can find my work:

I won the haiku contest for the Loud Coffee Press’s website debut. You can check out my winning haiku here.


A short poem, “Moments,” was published in the Double the Books Magazine April 2019 issue.

My prose poem “The Show” was published in The RAC Magazine’s March/April 2019 issue.


My WIP and NaNo 2019 project

Wes dreams of a life involved in the political system of his kingdom. He longs to gain power in order to help the people around him who have struggled for so long. And one day, when he saves some very important people from an ambush, he gets his shot. Moving to the capital and becoming a senator’s assistants, Wes must deal with the realities of city life and a political system where those in power are not concerned with anyone without it. 

Keira is the lackey of a local crime boss, spending her days running his errands, usually needing to brandish a dagger or two in order to complete the job. She’s perfectly fine with striking fear into those older than her, using her age as another weapon in her belt, right beside intimidation, steel, and a sharp tongue. When one of her only friends is murdered, Keira isn’t just conflicted by her emotions, she’s now on the run because someone has pegged her as the murderer. She journeys through the country trying to unravel the true identity of the killer, stumbling upon a larger conspiracy at the same time. 

Both Keira and Wes are frustrated when they run into each other on their respective journeys, but neither of them realize that their fates are twined together closer than they could ever imagine. 


Currently Revising

When her best friend is taken, Gia must summon the courage to walk through a doorway made of starlight. When she does, she finds herself in a new realm, with a mysterious power blooming inside of her. 

For a sample of my Character Profile Freebie, I used info about my MC Gia. If you want to download the worksheets, or learn more about Gia, check them out HERE.

Stay tuned for more aesthetics, snippets, and character profiles!