Do you have a manuscript that you are working on? Are you ready to get some outside feedback on it?

If so, I would love to be that extra set of eyes for you.

Of course, there are multiple ways that I can do that, so I’m offering two different packages that you may be interested in.

But before that…

I want to make sure that you and I are a good match. There’s nothing more terrifying than putting your work in a stranger’s hands, especially if it turns out that the feedback you get is completely different from what you wanted.

To help deal with that, here’s a little about my editing style:

I’m a reactive and forward commenter, giving my reactions as they happen when I read your work the first time. I love leaving questions as well as suggestions, observations, and predictions in the comments as I read through. Then, I go back and reread it all with my comments in order to create a detailed and specific editorial letter that wraps everything up nicely for you.

I love all types of stories, but I’m not just interested in fiction, I am a fan and writer of non-fiction and even poetry. So, don’t feel like you can’t approach me just because you don’t write YA fantasy like I do. It may be my “go to” genre, but I have helped authors by giving them feedback on everything from business ebooks to erotic thrillers to near-future adult science fiction.

That being said, I tend to favor a straight up approach to feedback, giving you a list of what worked for me as a reader and what just didn’t work for me as well. I become invested in the work that I do, and take pride in the fact that I’m helping you with your manuscript, and will be both professional but approachable so you always feel comfortable approaching me with your concerns or needs.

Still there?


Last thing, before I get to the two packages that I am currently offering: how will you know if we are a good fit? Excellent question.

To alleviate the stress of paying someone that doesn’t fit with your manuscript, I offer a FREE first chapter critique so that you and I can both get our feet wet without the added stress of investing a ton of money. Check out the details below the two packages that I offer.

Manuscript Critique

For fiction, I will hone in and give you feedback on:

  • Character developments and arcs
  • Plot
  • Pace
  • Tone and mood
  • Worldbuilding
  • Overall structure and flow

For nonfiction, I give feedback on:

  • Ease of readability
  • Organization
  • Presentation
  • Language

… plus anything else that you are specifically looking for feedback for in your manuscript.

The Manuscript Critique includes a detailed editorial letter that touches upon the in-line comments that I made, the overarching strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, and my overall impression.

The cost of this package is a low, flat fee of US$150 (up to 80,000 words) and will take from 7-10 days to complete from the agreed upon starting date.

Developmental Edit

The Developmental Edit is perfect for the author looking for everything that the Manuscript Critique includes, but even more feedback on specific chapters or sections.

The feedback on each of the chapters for fiction will focus on:

  • Scene structure
  • Plot holes
  • Pacing
  • Realistic character arc progression
  • Areas that are confusing
  • Believable conflict and tension building

The chapter or segment comments for non-fiction include:

  • Organizational structure of the chapter/section
  • Tie-in to the main organizational structure of the novel
  • Importance and hierarchy
  • Use of examples, visuals, graphs, etc. in aiding the reader’s understanding
  • Questions and concerns regarding

…plus, an added section to the detailed editorial letter that includes overarching suggestions and questions that we can look at together to help you make your manuscript the best that it can possibly be.

I charge US$300 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words and will take 2-3 weeks to complete from the agreed upon starting date. This extra time and money allow for me to really invest in each chapter or section of your manuscript so that you are getting as much feedback as possible.

**If your manuscript is longer than 80,000 words, please let me know and I will rework my prices.

Now what about that FREE first chapter critique?

Like I mentioned above, I want to make sure you feel completely confident that your money is going to be well spent. So, please fill out the form below to contact me and send me your first chapter (up to 5,000 words) and I will return it to you within 48 hours with my in-line comments and a short paragraph or two about the overall impression that I had.

Then, if you believe that we would make a great team we can get to work on the rest of your manuscript.

I look forward to hearing from you!