How to Stay Motivated while Achieving your Goals

Today’s guest post is from Shari Bethea and I’m super excited to share her tips on how to stay motivated. It is definitely the kick in the butt that I needed to get back on the motivation train! Also, if you are interested in guest blogging, fill out this form and I’ll get back to you about writing a blog post of your choosing.

Hi Everyone,

Staying motivated while achieving any goal can be challenging when you’re having one of those “bad” days. You know those days – the ones when we question ourselves, if our goal is even worth it, or if we are strong enough to achieve it. On those days, here are my 3 things to think about to keep yourself motivated.

how to stay motivated while achieving your goals

Believe In Yourself

In order to achieve any goal, you have to first BELIEVE you can. There are days that we all question ourselves. See beyond your momentally frustrations. Remember, everyone has a first day and nobody has ever done something perfectly the first time around. Acknowledge and vocalize your abilities daily through simple affirmations, such as “I believe that I am capable of achieving any goal I set because I believe in myself.”

Divide and Conquer

Plan out each step of your goal and conquer it in parts. The reality is, we like to feel successful. Breaking out your goal into manageable steps with allow you to experience small successes. Each success shows that you are a step closer in achieving your overall goal. The use of planners and the calendars will help you give yourself deadlines for accomplishing each step. Do this and watch how fast your goal is achieved.

Remember your big WHY

The biggest and best piece of advice I’ve received is knowing your big WHY. If you don’t know why you want to achieve your goal, more times than none, you won’t achieve it. How would this goal change your life – physically, emotionally, and mentally? Remembering that will help you refocus and reignite your fire. On those tough days, don’t forget why to do what you do.

Staying motivated can be a challenge in the midst if achieving any goal. Believe in yourself, remember you big why, and make use to plan every step.

About the Shari

Shari Bethea guest blog for Leslie Arambula

Meet Shari – a quirky, eclectic person that is learning to live life by accepting her unique self.

Born in a small town in North Carolina, she is small town girl that is determined to do big city things and leave a legacy for future generations. She works in corporate marketing and express myself through writing. She’s also a wife and major foodie. Follow her on and on IG @discoveringshari

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