Gift Ideas for Writers

Whether you’re shopping for a Valentine who has a love of losing themselves in a world of their own creation or you are the wordsmith shopping for some awesome gifts to yourself, here’s a few ideas that you might like to help you get into the mood to write. The list is broken down into the five senses to help you figure out what gift would work best for the writer you’re shopping for.


Whether it is a candle, a diffuser, or just some incense, setting the mood for writing by focusing on scent can be really handy and immediately immersive. Think about smelling freshly baked sugar cookies that are waiting to be pulled out of the over. That can be a great start to a scene rich with delicate, delicious details (and maybe some alliteration ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Incense burners come in some really awesome options.
Who wouldn’t want to know what Sherlock’s study smelled like?!
Diffusers can be both cute and functional!


I know that when I write, staring off into space accounts for at least 50% of what I spend my time doing. And you know what the worst thing to look at is? A pile of laundry or maybe the butt crack of some unknowing patron at the local coffee shop or library. Instead, here are a couple of ways that you might have something more inspirational to feast your eyes upon.

For a transportable option, try a motivational notebook!
Because another living thing suffering with you is always helpful to see.
Inspiration for when imposter syndrome sets in.


This one is not only yummy and nice, but kind of important for health reasons. Eating stuff and self-care and all that jazz. But feasting on a whole box of Valentine’s Day chocolate might cause more harm than good, so try these alternatives.

What’s a writer without a little tea?
Vegan and top 8 allergy friendly option
Protein in a bag…need I say more?


Feeling comfortable can keep you in the zone a lot better than having to run around to get socks or a blanket or some pants that don’t make you reconsider your size (just me?). Also, for those of us who are very tactile people, fidgety, touchable things can actually help us hone in on what we’re working on.

Comfy and honest…
Inspirational story cubes!
For those who need to fidget away the writer’s block.


Music is my go-to for immersion. I’ll put on video game playlists or nature sounds or even coffee shop ambiance (while in the coffee shop). The key is that I can control both the atmosphere and the volume, especially when the really nasally voice of the couple next to you may suck your muse right out of the space.

You can even boss this speaker around (or you can say please).
A great alternative to music.
These are the pair I use and I love them!

Well I hope this post helped you get ideas for your special someone (even if that special someone is yourself!).

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