Writing in Different Environments

Most of us are creatures of habit. We have our writing spaces, like a desk, the couch, the kitchen table, a comfy chair, etc. and we like them as they are.

But sometimes, we need to shake things up in order to get our creativity flowing again. I recently read a great article about environmental factors that affect creativity, and it had me thinking about how some environments get me into the flow of writing a lot faster than others.

So, here’s a short list of ways you can spice up your writing environment and see if it helps you at all.

Writing at a table
Moving to a new environment can spark new ideas

Try writing…

  • At a local cafe/Starbucks (the ambient noise and bustling atmosphere…and the caffeine…really help me)
  • The library
  • In your yard
  • At a different writing surface in your home (if you usually write at a desk, try the kitchen table)
  • Standing up instead of sitting down
  • With headphones in
  • On paper if you usually type (or vice versa)
  • On a notebook that is one size smaller or larger than you usually use
  • In a different font (I heard Comic Sans is actually helpful for drafting for some reason)
  • Change the color of your text
  • Try a different word processor (Scrivener, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OneNote, Evernote, etc.)
  • At a book store
  • On a loose piece of paper
  • On your cell phone’s note taking app
  • Dictating your work to Siri or whatever AI you have available
  • During a different time of day than you usually write
  • With the windows open

Any other ideas that you have? What does your writing environment look like? Let me know in the comments.

Writing outside
Getting fresh air can be a nice change of pace

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