The Importance of Self-Editing

As a teacher and a freelance editor, one of the biggest things that I notice is the lack of writer’s wanting or even knowing how to self-edit.

For my students, it is usually coming from a place of procrastination or stress with their workload. For others, it can be similar places of overwhelm and a hope that by passing it on to someone else, their job becomes just a little bit easier.

The thing that I have to tell both students and clients, however, is that when you fail to self-edit, it really hinders your growth in the craft of writing.

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When you look back at your work and check for plot holes and character issues, you help develop your sense of those things for your next project.

Similarly, your ability to write well and get better at some of the writing craft portions of your project need work as well. Things like how to structure/format dialogue or how to stay in the same verb tense can help you write cleaner, better, faster drafts as you learn.

Although it is kind of a drag and takes a lot of time for those who may not feel very confident with the technicalities of writing, learning how to self-edit can save you time and money in the long run, so I strongly suggest it.

Because of that, I’ve developed a quick workbook that covers the top five areas that I think most writers should be able to tackle on their own. These five areas are also the most problematic things that I see and fix for others, but that could be done by the author at a *free* price tag.

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Leslie Arambula’s self editing workbook

If you do download it, I’d love to hear your feedback or see how it has helped you in your own writing. Leave me a comment below or reach out on social media!

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